Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

Director: Greg Mclean

Cast: Nathan Phillips, Cassandra Magrath and Kestie Morassi

Year filmed: 2005

wolf creek

People who watched this movie say:

It is actually based on a true story. There were 2 people from the UK on there honeymoon. The husband got killed but the wife managed to hide and get away the next morning. I know this because the womans best friend used to work with my mum

I live in Australia, you dont hear people going “oh, lets avoid america because of all the that go there get killed at night. Its a movie, and its not based on an actual event. Its based of a couple of different things when they say “actual events” The characters arent real people, but the murder is based on a real person with a different name who actually kidnapped people by stuffing the car, pretending to help them, taking there to an unknown area and then killing/torturing/raping them.

The one thing i LOVED about this movie is the realism. What I mean is that? most people are killed by people they know. Not some no name guy with a hook and a mask that makes 27 second collective appearance in the entire film.

Very good Australian shocker, reminds me of other shockers like Last House on The Left, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, Maniac, Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer and Funny Games.

Now i know a great thriller movie when i saw one and this wasnt one of your ordinary one. at first it was like this depressing indie movie, and i saw the long narrative descriptions about people in australia keep gone missing, i never thought it’ll be like this. twas terrifying, and has this moral value about the environment, rock from outer space, and i was just speechless. all i could say, becareful in Aus, there’s a lot of deserts even critics says, this movie is too freaky and sick.

Wolf Creek’s John Jarratt has the goss in mX on Quentin Tarantino’s Aussie drawl in #DjangoUnchained.

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