Wolf Creek interesting facts

While Wolf Creek horror was filmed, weather was so cloudy or wet that screenwriters hastily rewritted the script to include references to the fact that it was unexpectedly raining.

The crater in the movie really exists and it is in Western Australia. In reality it’s spelled “Wolfe Creek”.

The sign at the entrance of the old mining company site where the killer takes his victims, Navithalim Mining Co, is actually the name of backpacker murderer Ivan Milat spelled backward.

The party scenes in the movie, lasted for over half an hour before being cut down.

In scenes shot on the beach early in the film although it looks warm on screen, there were actually so cold that for the scene where Mcgrath runs out into the ocean, all of the crew were behind camera in hats and gloves.

John Jarratt’s sinister laugh while filming gave actress Cassandra Magrath real nightmares.

The car that Kestie Morassi rolls in the film still ran despite being wrecked, after the stunt has been performed.

The film had only a 25 working days shooting schedule, all in 5 weeks.

Actor Nathan Phillips, who played Ben Mitchell, designed the tattoos seen on his arms in the film himself.

Whole movie was shot entirely chronologically.

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Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

Director: Greg Mclean

Cast: Nathan Phillips, Cassandra Magrath and Kestie Morassi

Year filmed: 2005

wolf creek

People who watched this movie say:

It is actually based on a true story. There were 2 people from the UK on there honeymoon. The husband got killed but the wife managed to hide and get away the next morning. I know this because the womans best friend used to work with my mum

I live in Australia, you dont hear people