Art of the Devil 2 (2005) trailer

“Long khong” (original title)
[imdb id=”tt0756222″ plot=”short”]

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Korean horror films

Korean horror films. Country of producing South Korea, language in movies Korean.

[imdb id=”tt0468492″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0365376″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0762073″ plot=”short”]
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[imdb id=”tt0188503″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1198396″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0380164″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0927615″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0468683″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0409947″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0241073″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0323630″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0266075″ plot=”short”]
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[imdb id=”tt0407821″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt2147718″ plot=”short”]

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Hindi horror films

Hindi horror movies, filmed on Hindu or Tamil language. India is country of production, too.

[imdb id=”tt2140315″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt2404519″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1385824″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt2633598″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0253514″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0443594″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0173369″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0349333″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1663647″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0259877″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1340838″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0348662″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0341266″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1887763″ plot=”short”]

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Danish horror films

Denmark made lot of good scary horror films, too, on Danish language. Some are Denmark – USA or Sweden or other country coproduction, some fully Denish. Here are some of them:

[imdb id=”tt0110631″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0092972″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0478394″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0056405″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1003005″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0056127″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0339385″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0494216″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0400201″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0193763″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0811047″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0951259″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0832304″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1756407″ plot=”short”]


Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

Director: Greg Mclean

Cast: Nathan Phillips, Cassandra Magrath and Kestie Morassi

Year filmed: 2005

wolf creek

People who watched this movie say:

It is actually based on a true story. There were 2 people from the UK on there honeymoon. The husband got killed but the wife managed to hide and get away the next morning. I know this because the womans best friend used to work with my mum

I live in Australia, you dont hear people