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Snake dream meanings

If you are dreaming killing a snake, you will defend you enemies.
If you dreamt snake bites you, be aware of false friends and from danger next days.

snake dream meaning

Lots of snakes in your nightmare have meaning you are surrounded with bad people.
When you dream a snake with several heads, or double headed, think again who really your friends are. Big chances are you are not fully aware of that now.
If you hurt a snake in your dream, you are on good track to win in some dangerous situation.
When you dream a snake was chasing you, and if she don’t bite you, that’s a good sign. You will get lucky in some situation soon.
When you are a friend with a snake in your dream, expect nice news regarding your sexual life.
A snake around neck in a dream means you will get some present from someone who isn’t so honest with you.
Silver snake means false alarm. Don’t have to worry so much.
Snake eating a snake in your dream means you will get to know enemy of your enemy.

If you see dead snake in a dream that is interpreted as the worst time of your troubles are gone.
Flying snake is sign you will get to know interesting but dangerous people. Be careful with new friendships.
Green snake in a dream meaning someone who you know will get ill.
Kissing snake means danger unpleasant situation to someone you are fond of.

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Snake are fearful, deceitful and evil. I believe seeing dreams denotes to the aforementioned qualities of snakes. indeed, one has to be careful when biting by a snake in the dream.
nice post…thanks for sharing!

i had a dream of a blue and brown snake but i wasnt scared of it it was like an anaconda, it bowed down and kissed my son on the mouth what does that mean?

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