Peter Strickland will not make crowd-pleasing movies

Few days before his movie Berberian Sound Studio opened at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, a newspaper story in Britain quoted director Peter Strickland as saying that he was delighted his countrymen were making “crowd-pleasing movies,” but he had no interest in doing the same.

Berberian Sound Studio

Director laughed in a one-on-one interview in a downtown Toronto office when the Straight mentioned the story, “You know what it’s like. You do the interview and you just say something at the very end and it ends up as the headline.”

That said, he was happy to expand on his feelings about making films for the masses. “I think, for me, you just do what’s interesting,” he said. “So I think part of the thing is that’s not the purpose of making a film, it’s just going with your gut instinct.”

“I think it’s like being in a candy store when you get a few months in a sound studio to do a film,” said Strickland. And he enjoys that candy so much that he formed a band in 1996, the Sonic Catering Band, to explore sounds most people wouldn’t think of as music.

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