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German Horror films

German underground horror films are horror movies, which has achieved cult popularity since first appearing in the 1980s. German underground horror films are usually trademarked by their intensity, taking on topics that are culturally taboo such as necrophilia, or explicit violence.

The Burning Moon 1997

An early extra-splatter effort from German horror director Olaf Ittenbach, The Burning Moon is very low-budget, shot-on-video, extremely violent, and therefore, not likely to appeal to a mainstream audience. However, if you’re a fan of underground horror, and love blood and guts to be splashed all over the screen, then this is one to add to your must-see list.

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Nekromantik is a 1987 German horror film directed by Jorg Buttgereit. This is one of the most taboo-breaking horror films ever made. Very few films talk openly about necrophilia (“Aftermath”, “Kissed”, “Buio Omega”, “Love Me Deadly”, “Mosquito the Rapist”), however this subject is quite fascinating. It draws links between death and sex. Rob (Daktari Lorenz) cleans different places and removes the corpses whenever there was a murder,or an accident. One day, Rob’s girlfriend has an idea to steal a corpse and to play with it. The corpse is treated like the third person and all of them make a perverted threesome. But one day Rob is fired from his work and his girlfriend dumps him, and leaves with the dead lover. For Rob that it a beginning of true madness.

Nekromantik German

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We Are the Night (2010, Wir sind die Nacht)

We Are the Night/Wir sind die Nacht, a newer 2010 German horror film directed by Dennis Gansel. Actors/actresses are Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich. I was nothing. A scum. Dirt, that even rats don’t eat. Invisible for the world, until it saw me. And then the hunger came. All consuming hunger. Drama, fantasy, vampire Horror. Great acting by everyone and a strong story. Maybe the best vampire’s movie until this days! It’s a refreshing air of what a vampire should be!

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“The German director Michael Effenberger (Survival, La Isla, Tortura) has made a new film. This time a found footage horror movie with a very interesting thematic: Geocaching.”

New Found Footage Horror Movie from Germany – SEEKERS!

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Directed by: Michael Effenberger (Matador-Film)

Films: Survival, La Isla, Tortura, Seekers

Genre: Found Footage Horror

Accompanied by a cameraman, the four friends Mike, Eileen, Sarah and George go into the deep forests of Poland to shoot a documentary about their hobby: Geocaching, a modern form of treasure hunting. In their search, the group finds an old abandoned hotel, where they spend the night. But the building hides a dark secret … As even a group member disappears in the middle of the night, the group experienced a night of horror. What began as a harmless trip is ending in a bloody nightmare!

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