Zombie Walk in Belgrade

More than 500 zombies walked on October 19 in Belgrade. Participants’ make-up 11am-5pm. The Walk started at 5 from Trg Republike and ended in Dom omladine. This walk was organized for second time, as part of the Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film.

Director of the festival, Jovan Ristic, said that the festival is designed as the promotion of special effects and costumes and is also humanitarian.

Movies participated on festivals:

NAPRATA, d: Mladen Milosavljević (SRB, 64’)
KIYAMET, d: Ivan Ramadan (BIH, 10’)
BREAKAWAY, d: Ivan Bukta (USA, 18’)
ANGER OF THE DEAD, d: Francesco Piccone (ITA, 15’)
Nightmares explorer, d: Pavle Pavlović, (4’)
Story about the wall residents, d: Andrej Boka (17’)
RABBITLAND, d: Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr (8’)
SPACE OPERA, d: Milica Kolarić (15’)
Magic kitchen SUADA LE FEJ, d: Siniša Dugonjić (10’)
Crack, d: Emilija Gašić (29’)
Puppet, d: Mihajlo Vitezović (6’)
Nidle, d: Đorđe Stojiljković (3’)
MASKIRCI, d: Mladen Milosavljević (7’)
Program end, d: Jim Production (6’)
Book of memories, d: Dejan Nikolaj Kraljačić, 1995 (6’)
Rehearsal, d: Dejan Nikolaj Kraljačić, 1996 (12’)
DOORS, d: Michele De Angelis (MAK/ITA/USA, 10’)
AMNEZIJAK on the beach, d: Dalibor Barić (CRO, 24’)
HANSEL AND GRETEL: THE TRUE STORY, d: Goce Cvetanovski (MAK, 14’)
TELEPORT ZOVKO, d: Predrag Ličina (CRO, 17’)
Killing the stain, d: Katarina Kovčin (CG/SRB, 15’)
VESLA, d: Zdenko Bašić, Manuel Šumberac (CRO, 10’)
Fallen angel, d: Marko Marinković (96’)
FOUND FOOTAGE, d: Ernad Osmić (BIH, 6’)
TERRIFIED, d: Marjan Mihajlovski (MAK, 3’)
Endless hallway, d: Bojan Stefanović (46’)
Banat triangle, d: Marko Backović (6’)
SHORT TIPS FOR ARTISTS – TIP #12, d: Csongor Gazdag (2’)
My neighbour is vampire, d: Miloš Čolić (13’)
Mission of two towers, d: Nemanja Vojinović (5’)
Captured with the news, d: Mina Radović (3’)
The dark, d: Sara Santini (11’)
Thirst, d: Janko Pješivac (8’)
THERE AND THEN, d: Stefan Bojić (8’)
Phenomenon, d: Stevan Aleksić (10’)

Walk zombies belgrade


Nigel O’Neill in BBC horror drama – Stumpy’s Brae

COOKSTOWN actor Nigel O’Neill is starring in a new chilling horror drama due to be broadcast on BBC Two Northern Ireland this Halloween night (Thursday 31st October) at 10pm.

Stumpy Brae

Stumpy’s Brae, is directed by Chris Baugh from Omagh and produced by Brendan Mullin for BBC Northern Ireland through their Belfast-based company Six Mile Hill Productions, Stumpy’s Brae is a dark and gruesome tale of temptation, murder and revenge.

When their meagre life savings are unjustly taken from them, a poor peasant couple decides, one stormy night, to offer shelter to a mysterious pedlar in exchange for money. However a terrible turn of events brings about strange and horrifying consequences with a supernatural twist.

Eglinton writer Darren Gibson scripted the half hour drama, which is in the Ulster Scots, and is adapted from the eponymous poem by celebrated writer Cecil Frances Alexander, famous for penning hymns such as ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ and ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’.

Stumpy’s Brae runningtime is 30 minutes, cast is Lalor Roddy (Pedlar), Nigel O’Neill (John), Andrew Porter (Shipping Clerk), Louise Mathews (Sarah).


British Horror Film Festival nominations

The British Horror Film Festival just announced their nominations for this year’s awards. Steve Stone’s Entity starring Dervla Kirwan, Charlotte Riley and Branko Tomovic picked up nominations in six categories, including Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography and British Horror Award. The Award Ceremony will take place Saturday 19th October 2013 at the glitzy Empire Cinema, Leicester Square in London.
british horror film festival
The full list of nominees for this year’s British Horror Film Festival ‘Haunted’ Awards are:
Fortune Cookie Prophecies
In The House Of Flies
Belly Of The Wolf – Dir. by Mark Fisher
Entity – Dir. by Steve Stone
The Meeting – Dir. by Karen Lam
Left Hand Billy In The Second Solution – Dir. by Gabriele Zuccarini
Honeymoon Suite – Dir. by Zao Wang
Ryan Kotack – In The House Of Flies
Nick Moran – 82
Andrew Arrasmith – Sleep Now In The Fire
Finn Morrell – Belly Of The Wolf
Branko Tomovic – Entity
Skyy John – Left Hand Billy In The Second Solution
Maia Elsey – Belly Of The Wolf
Lindsay Smith – In The House Of Flies
Karly Warkentin – The Meeting
Charlotte Riley – Entity
Hephzibah Roe – Spira
Adelita Rockhill – Dia De Los Muertos
Honeymoon Suite
Decapoda Shock
Sleep Now In The Fire
Dia De Los Muertos
Fortune Cookie Prophecies
Left Hand Billy In The Second Solution
Moment Of Clarity
Belly Of The Wolf
Lonely Hearts
Vengeance Rhythm
Dia De Los Muertos
Decapoda Shock
Lonely Hearts
Tumbling After
Left Hand Billy In The Second Solution
Honeymoon Suite
The Meeting
Moment of Clarity
Belly Of The Wolf
Dia De Los Muertos
Vengeance Rhythm
Sleep Now In The Fire
Happy Birthday Mr. Zombie
Lonely Hearts
Decapoda Shock

Peter Strickland will not make crowd-pleasing movies

Few days before his movie Berberian Sound Studio opened at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, a newspaper story in Britain quoted director Peter Strickland as saying that he was delighted his countrymen were making “crowd-pleasing movies,” but he had no interest in doing the same.

Berberian Sound Studio

Director laughed in a one-on-one interview in a downtown Toronto office when the Straight mentioned the story, “You know what it’s like. You do the interview and you just say something at the very end and it ends up as the headline.”

That said, he was happy to expand on his feelings about making films for the masses. “I think, for me, you just do what’s interesting,” he said. “So I think part of the thing is that’s not the purpose of making a film, it’s just going with your gut instinct.”

“I think it’s like being in a candy store when you get a few months in a sound studio to do a film,” said Strickland. And he enjoys that candy so much that he formed a band in 1996, the Sonic Catering Band, to explore sounds most people wouldn’t think of as music.

More about this interview


The ABCs Of Death 2 wants your Horror Short Film

The ABCs Of Death 2 wants your Horror Short Film. Enter the competition.



Ten short films compete for the „Full Moon” Romania

The second edition of “FULL MOON” Horror & Fantasy Film Festival, the first and only Romanian festival focusing exclusively on genre cinema, will take place between August 14 and 18 in Biertan, Sibiu county.
Besides the competitive feature section focused exclusively on first and second directorial efforts we announced last week, starting this year, the festival puts forward a competition of fantastic shorts made in the last two years and never before seen in Romania.

The ten competition titles, selected by the short section programmer Cristi Mărculescu, come from 8 countries including Romania and compete for the festival trophy which will be awarded based on the audience’s vote. Here is the complete:

Full moon Romania 2013

2 Hours – US 2012; by: Michael Baliff.

A la folie – France 2012; by: Naima Chebahi.

Wait for me – Romania 2013; by: Cristi Balint.

Attack of the Brainsucker – Canada 2012; by: Sid Zanforlin.

Eslabon – Spain 2012; by: Miguel Velilla Bellafont.

Good Night – Slovakia 2013; by: Peter Czikrai.

In Search for Inspiration Gone – UK 2012; by: Ashley Michael Briggs.

Der Penguin – Germany 2012; by: Anette Jung.

Sleep Working – UK 2013; by: Gavin Williams.

Zoo – France 2012; by: Nicolas Pleskof.

Out of competition, the FULL MOON festival decided to celebrate this year two countries whose fantastic cinema is more significant each year… Of course, this would be Spain and Belgium – two countries which, not at all accidentally, host two of the longest running genre festivals in the world (Sitges – 46 editions and Brussels – 32 editions).

Fantastic Best of Spania:

The Other Side– By: Alicia Albares.

Photo – By: Ismael Ferrer.

Sick Dead – By: Miguel G. Catalan.

Presence Required – By: Maria Gordillo.

Shoot for the Moon – By: Casandra Macia Gago.

Mysterio – By: Chema Garcia Ibarra.

Fist of Jesus – By: Adrian Cardona & David Munoz.

Fantastic Best of Belgia:

Let me go – By: Antoine Duquesne.

The Perfect Drug – By: Toon Aerts.

A Better World – By: Sacha Feiner.

Death of a Shadow – By: Tom Van Avermaet.

The Perturbation Theory – By: Cindy Bertet.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Zombie! – By: David Leclerq

Slutterball – By: Jérôme Vandewattyne.

The Little Green Man – By: Roland Lethem.


Campaign for the Theatrical Distribution of “The Impaler”

Full moon Films is currently running a campaign on the popular crowd funding site Kick Starter to fund a $50,000 theatrical distribution of their feature film ”The Impaler.”

Pledging anywhere from $1 to $5000 gives the backers can receive a number of rewards, including signed posters, exclusive screenings, tickets to the LA premiere and even Producer credits.

”The Impaler” has just been accepted to the Bram Stocker International Film Festival in England, to have a world premiere 1 week before Halloween. It’s an adaptation of the real history of Vlad the Impaler, famous Romanian (Wallachian/Transylvanian) ruler, that became famous for impaling his Turkish enemies and building forests of spears and bodies. The film continues the legend, not so much along Bram Stoker’s novel, but with an authentic flavor of the country and its true facts.

Full Moon Films and Afflatus Productions has announced the arrival of Derek Hockenbrough’s “The Impaler.” The film looks to retell the original story of Dracula through the notorious Romanian ruler’s death and legacy. However, Vlad III seems to be appearing in more than the gore-ridden indie horror flick. Hockenbrough reassures horror fans that “The Impaler” is sure to keep you on your feet. “You won’t find any sparkling Ken doll vampires here.”

“We wanted to bring back the demon in vampire. That’s what we loved as kids and what better human host for a demon than Vlad III?” Hockenbrough said of the movie, “This being an Indie film, we are able to get away with a lot more than the studios. Our goal was to make a truly evil Dracula movie that would please both the hardcore genre fans and the general person just looking for a good scare. Either way, it’s going to surprise you.”

Full Moon Films is a division of Flawless Production Inc. company located in Tarzana, CA and run by Daniel Angel. For information call 323-373-3404 or visit,, Twitter @theimpaler2013.

The Impaler


ScreamFest 2013 Promo – Chiller TV

ScreamFest 2013 Promo – Chiller TV