Zombie Walk in Belgrade

More than 500 zombies walked on October 19 in Belgrade. Participants’ make-up 11am-5pm. The Walk started at 5 from Trg Republike and ended in Dom omladine. This walk was organized for second time, as part of the Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film.

Director of the festival, Jovan Ristic, said that the festival is designed as the promotion of special effects and costumes and is also humanitarian.

Movies participated on festivals:

NAPRATA, d: Mladen Milosavljević (SRB, 64’)
KIYAMET, d: Ivan Ramadan (BIH, 10’)
BREAKAWAY, d: Ivan Bukta (USA, 18’)
ANGER OF THE DEAD, d: Francesco Piccone (ITA, 15’)
Nightmares explorer, d: Pavle Pavlović, (4’)
Story about the wall residents, d: Andrej Boka (17’)
RABBITLAND, d: Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr (8’)
SPACE OPERA, d: Milica Kolarić (15’)
Magic kitchen SUADA LE FEJ, d: Siniša Dugonjić (10’)
Crack, d: Emilija Gašić (29’)
Puppet, d: Mihajlo Vitezović (6’)
Nidle, d: Đorđe Stojiljković (3’)
MASKIRCI, d: Mladen Milosavljević (7’)
Program end, d: Jim Production (6’)
Book of memories, d: Dejan Nikolaj Kraljačić, 1995 (6’)
Rehearsal, d: Dejan Nikolaj Kraljačić, 1996 (12’)
DOORS, d: Michele De Angelis (MAK/ITA/USA, 10’)
AMNEZIJAK on the beach, d: Dalibor Barić (CRO, 24’)
HANSEL AND GRETEL: THE TRUE STORY, d: Goce Cvetanovski (MAK, 14’)
TELEPORT ZOVKO, d: Predrag Ličina (CRO, 17’)
Killing the stain, d: Katarina Kovčin (CG/SRB, 15’)
VESLA, d: Zdenko Bašić, Manuel Šumberac (CRO, 10’)
Fallen angel, d: Marko Marinković (96’)
FOUND FOOTAGE, d: Ernad Osmić (BIH, 6’)
TERRIFIED, d: Marjan Mihajlovski (MAK, 3’)
Endless hallway, d: Bojan Stefanović (46’)
Banat triangle, d: Marko Backović (6’)
SHORT TIPS FOR ARTISTS – TIP #12, d: Csongor Gazdag (2’)
My neighbour is vampire, d: Miloš Čolić (13’)
Mission of two towers, d: Nemanja Vojinović (5’)
Captured with the news, d: Mina Radović (3’)
The dark, d: Sara Santini (11’)
Thirst, d: Janko Pješivac (8’)
THERE AND THEN, d: Stefan Bojić (8’)
Phenomenon, d: Stevan Aleksić (10’)

Walk zombies belgrade


Fallen Angel found footage (2013) – Official Trailer

Serbia – Krusevac – 1944.
Investigated by high SS officer girl possessed by the fallen angel.
Serbian – Krusevac Theatre – 2013.
A group of young artists remains locked in the building all night. Without the audience and the actors, the stage is dark, cold, eerie … There, in the dark, they will be searched for, but they are long lost, they will scream, and their voices will be lost in the silence. With the last flash from their eyes, with the last cry from the soul, they will see a fallen angel. He is the one who invented the game, dictated the rules and determined the one who will survive.

Film by: Marko Marinković
Cast: Dijana Bazić, Stevan Matić, Nevena Stevanović, Darko Vukašinović, Filip Milićević, Milica Rakić, Nikola Cvetković, Nikola Pantović, Dragan Marinković, Branka Planić, Ivona Aladrović…
Writer: Marko Marinković
Co-writers: Dijana Bazić i Stevan Matić

footage fallen angel Serbian horror