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Haunted house dream

hounted house dream

If your dream is you own or you live in a haunted house, the meaning is you have some emotional unfinished business from your childhood that it is good to sort out as soon as possible.
If someone who you like, live in a haunted house, that means you have  repressed memories and feelings about someone (not necessery to the person that owns a house in a dream but maybe someone related to him/her).
If the house is owned by some person you don’t like in real life, interpretation is that that you didn’t forget somebody a bad act he done to you.
If you dream about house that is hounted and it’s empty, no one posess it, you will recall some dead relative in near future in conversation to someone.

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  1. Halloween says:

    It seems this ones is a bullseye. Haunted house is what I do. Do I dream of that cool haunted house with no windows.

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