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Russian horror

There are great Russian horror films made in early 60’s, but new one filmed in 2000’s, too. Here are few of them, worth of mention.

Mister Designer (1989)

Mister Designer (Gospodin oformitel) is USSR Russian horror film made in 1989. it’s about famous artist who strives to find the secret of eternal life through the beautiful mannequins he creates. The movie perfectly conveys the atmosphere of Russian Decadence, the cultural phenomenon, which is also called “The Silver Age” of Russian culture, a period from 1905 till 1914.

mister designer

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German Horror films

German underground horror films are horror movies, which has achieved cult popularity since first appearing in the 1980s. German underground horror films are usually trademarked by their intensity, taking on topics that are culturally taboo such as necrophilia, or explicit violence.

The Burning Moon 1997

An early extra-splatter effort from German horror director Olaf Ittenbach, The Burning Moon is very low-budget, shot-on-video, extremely violent, and therefore, not likely to appeal to a mainstream audience. However, if you’re a fan of underground horror, and love blood and guts to be splashed all over the screen, then this is one to add to your must-see list.

[imdb id=”tt0103898″ plot=”short”]


Nekromantik is a 1987 German horror film directed by Jorg Buttgereit. This is one of the most taboo-breaking horror films ever made. Very few films talk openly about necrophilia (“Aftermath”, “Kissed”, “Buio Omega”, “Love Me Deadly”,

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Japanese horror / J-Horror

Japanese horror films are mainly based on psychology. Less special effects, but more anticipation and tension. Some J-Horrors have ghosts and poltergeist apereance, but that is not necessarily. There is some tradicional and Japanese folk culture involved, too. Yokai (also known like yookai or youkai) are creatures, some kind of deamons or spirits, that appears in Yapanese horrors often.

Ringu – The Ring

Rigu japanese horror

Hideo Nakata directed